What do you fancy?

My joy comes from painting : )

I have been so fortunate to meet and connect with so many families who have wished to honor their furry children in a portrait.

Painting for others, helping them remember their loved ones, is something I quite fancy indeed!

Pictured is a custom painting of “Fidget” a wonderfully dressed, in Chanel and pearls, gorgeous kitty.

Now, what does my cat Megan fancy???

Conversation actually, she loves laying between me and my guest while we talk.  She flops on her back with paws tucked in and big white belly furs gently moving in the ceiling fan wind.

She also loves watching me pick greens from the garden and she even enjoys nibbling on steamed kale!

What’s your daily fancy?  We were asked by Fancy Feast who has a really cool Tumblr! Follow to read the #DailyFancies of fancy cats and super rad cat owners:

And here is my beautiful Megan:



Cat Art Show Los Angeles

Susan Michals curated this show and brought together over 70 artists’ works featuring the feline as a muse.  At 6205 Santa Monica Blvd in North Hollywood, in a gallery named 101 Exhibit, over 100 pieces of cat art are hanging out together…the largest collection and show of cat art ever assembled!

Brewster and Kat both left in good hands : )


This is my Etsy shop!

Thank you for checking out my art!  *slow blinky eyes*

This is Benny…

WHAT a joy painting this guy, he has so much awesome character.

I am very sad that I couldn’t keep the painting :)

But fortunately the recipient sent me this wonderful pic of him posing next to it.




Can I get a woof woof??!

Tell you more about them soon…

prints are available at


I have done several custom portraits now, and thought I should share what people have said!!

“Thank you so much for the wonderful painting, Heather. It is more amazing than we could have hoped for with such vibrant colors and incredible detail. The process was quite fun — from choosing the outfits, suggesting colors for the background and approving the sketch. Jack, Lizzie and Bugsy each give you two paws up! We will cherish the painting for years to come!” – Emily Hoffman, Microsoft

See the painting here


“Heather is a complete pro and so fun to work with! We kept in constant email contact from the very first consultation all the way through to the completion of the painting. She provided timely photographic updates – keeping me informed of her progress and asking for my input. In the end, we ended up with a masterpiece! The painting looks exactly like the photo I provided – could not be happier!! If you’re thinking of having a custom portrait done, don’t hesitate to work with Heather!! Cooper really likes it too!” – Timothy Richison, LexisNexis

See painting here

“I could not have asked for a smoother transaction. Heather kept in touch with me, explaining how the process would work and asked for my input as well as giving advice. It was a pleasure to be her customer. And the painting is so lovely – she captured my sister’s two cats perfectly. I would definitely recommend Heather and her work to anyone.” – Katherine Fenech, WAtoday Australia

See painting here


“yes, the clothes are perfect and the background is totally  timeless so it can hang on every wallpaper or color. Yes, little Madam have a lot of eyebrows and beard hairs :-) )) They look cute together as dad and daughter. We can borrow it to a Harry Potter film to hang on a wall there.  :-) FANTASTIC. I love it. My sweet little “PubiCats” Thank you Heather. You are great.” – Nicola Brennfleck, designer at daskleinegartenhaus

see painting here


“Last week, I finally picked up the painting! It is amazing – thanks soooooooooooooooooooooooo much. My mum is blown away, everybody thinks it is brilliant. My mum already hung it, and she asked for your e-mail address, so I guess she will drop you a line. :)  It was a pleasure – me and my boyfriend are already thinking about asking for another portrait of our own cat. Take care, hope to hear from you from time to time.” – Julia Klein-Klute, Fashion Designer in Germany

and her Mum says:  ”Thank you so much for that wonderful picture you painted. I never thought that it would be possible to  create such a great painting. My cats look like they are in reality. Every day I look at the picture and I feel happy. I think you often get such compliments, you can be lucky that you have got the talent for this. I wish you all the best for the future. Maybe I need a cat-picture too, then I will contact you at once.”

see the painting here


“It’s an incredible painting, and totally captures Theo’s personality. Thank you for being involved in this project. We are thrilled!” – Brooks Bell, CEO of Brooks Bell

see painting here















Would you like a custom portrait?

If you would like your little (or big) furry family member painted in a stylized custom portrait by me, let me know!

By clicking here you will find a guide to sizes and prices.


The Portland Mercury!

So cool to see Henry grace the cover of this super fun free weekly publication in Portland.  After reading the mercury, I really would love to visit.  What a fun place to hear great music!  Thank you Portland Mercury, you rock!

In LINDA magazine

WOW!  What an honor it was to see my artwork appear in LINDA magazine out of Holland!  This publication is HUGE in the Netherlands, pretty much like O magazine here in the states.  Thank you LINDA magazine!!

In Frankie Magazine

I was contacted by them to do an interview about the history of Cats In Clothes.  To my surprise in April, my artwork was featured as a 4 page spread!  Frankie Magazine is super popular in Australia and I am so in love with its fresh and stylish design.  I highly suggest that you get your hands on one of these!

In Rue Magazine

Heather Garrett Interior Design in North Carolina has remodeled the home of Brooks Bell in January.  One new addition to her space was a 5 by 5 foot painting of her dog Theo!  I had so much fun painting him in a hipster-ish outfit. I think it looks just fabulous in the room above that pickle green loveseat!  Thank you Heather Garrett and Brooks Bell!!

All Over The World

With the help of the internet, Cats In Clothes images have made it all around the world.  I am beyond grateful for the insane amount of appreciation from the people all over this beautiful earth.


Custom Pet Portraits

I am currently available to work on your custom pet portrait requests : )

Now providing square format paintings…

16″ x 16″ for $650


It is time to have a giveaway!

Leave a comment and you will have a chance to win one of 3 awesome prizes at the end of the month!

On April 29, 2012 I will use random number generator to choose the 3 winners.

First prize will be a 30% discount on your very own custom pet portrait…whether you have a kitty, a dog, a turtle, whatever, I will work with you to create your pet’s portrait for you to enjoy for years!

Second prize will be this collection:

1 “George” canvas tote bag

1 “Brewster” coffee mug

1 “Cooper” journal

2 sets of notecards (one for you and one for your friend!)


Third prize will be a signed giclee print of your choosing!




Featured On Buzz Feed

Thank You Josh Fjelstad for the great shout out on the Buzz Feed site!  I love the viewer remarks!! Check it out here

Featured on

Danica Lo, Senior online fashion & beauty editor for has written a great little article about my artwork.  I am very happy about her comments!  Check it out here


Please visit the Cats In Clothes Etsy Store by clicking HERE









Queen of the Norwegian Forest

This is Fabiola.

Another custom portrait finished.

She is wearing a traditional Norwegian bunad dress.

This is an acrylic painting on a 9 x 12″ masonite board.

Thank you for looking!

First Dog In Clothes Created!!

I have just completed a very large custom portrait (5 by 5 feet).

The terrior’s name is Theo, and he is wearing a very stylish outfit!

It is currently on its way to North Carolina and I am sad to be finished with it actually, it was a fun project.

I hope to be commissioned for other large pieces in the future.

Keep me in mind for those special portraits : )

Beautiful Framed Prints For Sale

These are the highest quality giclee prints, on gorgeous velvet smooth fine art paper using archival inks.  The size of the print is 9 x 12″ just like the original paintings, in fact it is incredibly hard to tell them apart.  They come in beautiful and unique custom made wooden frames, each one has a frame to match.  They are priced at $60, ready to hang and securely wrapped.  Just click on the photos and you shall be redirected to the shop!

My little Edgur

Oh, the sweet prince Edgur.  We adopted him from ResQcats, an amazing organization in Santa Barbara, run by the sweetest lady, Jeffyne Telson.  His name was Tailor at first, but we changed it to Edgurrr.  Well, he was found in Oxnard on a rooftop, living in some bougainvillea  bushes and brought to Jeffyne’s place.  She said that he was very shy and timid, and might not be ready to be adopted, but we fell in love with him.  There was something so powerful about his presence even though he was in the background in a basket while the other kitties jumped all around us.  We brought him home and he stayed in our bedroom with us for about a week.  After he was able to  wander around the house, he became so confident!  He jumps in my lap when I am in the wheelchair, and when I am sitting down, he keeps my chair protected.  When we see eachother his tail perks straight up and he seems so happy : )  He eats like he hasn’t eaten in years though, and we have to watch him around the other cats’ food.  Once, I gave him a little piece of chicken and he turned into a primal beast, snarling and freaking out that Mia was sniffing around it!  But he is my little baby, he looks me straight in the eyes and tells me that he loves me.  He seems to have a deep soul…maybe his new name turned him into a poet.

Princess Mia

This is Mia.  We adopted her a couple of months ago.  We now have 3 cats.  Megan is the oldest, then Edgur, and now Mia.  She was left in a box with her brother Brewster, and was then taken to ResQcats in Santa Barbara.  When she saw us she said “HEYYYYY!!” and she hasn’t stopped talking since.  She has something to say about everything, even when she is sleeping you can hear her little sighs.  The two youngest cats get along fine, but Megan, looks at them from a distance, and groans under her breath, constantly.  Yah, so Mia the princess, always wants to sit between the laptop and my face when I am laying down to work.  She seems to be everywhere I want to be, she is my little american express kitten.  Her nickname is Meezy for some reason and she has a spotted tummy!  We love our crazy little Meezy.

I Can haz cheezburger : D

Go HERE and see Cats In Clothes on the famous lolcat site!

This is when you know that you have been accepted in the cyber cat community!  Thank you cheezburger writers : )

Matthew The Cat

Matthew was my 3rd custom portrait.  It was purchased as a gift for a veterinarian.  Her cat Matthew was 16 years old.  He passed away around the time the painting was given to her.  She put the painting in this beautiful frame.  I hope that seeing him, looking so sophisticated and smart in his smoking jacket, makes her feel a little better each day.  That is my wish for all of my paintings, to help people feel a little bit better each day.

Hooray for Catster

Catster website editor Janine Kahn wrote a fantastic interview and write-up about my series, and offered readers an opportunity to win a free framed print.  They ended up with close to 500 raffle entries!  It was more than fun and rewarding to read what everyone had to say.  One girl said that Savannah the cat reminded her of her mother in looks and style.  Another said that he could imagine Violet living in Paris.  The lucky winner, another Heather, won Morris, and I was very happy to send him!

I imagine that I will hold something like that as soon as I have enough people to present it to.  But for now visit the article to read so many sweet and fun comments : )

Black Friday – Cyber Monday SALE

Visit until Monday, November 28th and save 35% on Cats In Clothes prints, guaranteed delivery by December 22 .  This is sale number 2 of hopefully many to come!  Happy Happy Holidays!!