Tips to Flatter Your Square Face with Makeup

Are you blessed with a square face shape? If so, you’re in good company – many celebrities, including Emma Stone and Reese Witherspoon, boast this striking facial feature. But, while a square face can be beautiful, flatter with makeup can also be challenging. Follow these tips to enhance your natural features and create a perfect look for you.

How should I do my square face makeup?

square face shapeDo you have a square face shape? If so, then don’t worry, because you can still achieve an amazing makeup look! Just follow these tips on how to do your square face makeup. First, start by applying primer to your skin. Then, use a bronzer that is one or two shades darker than your natural skin tone to contour your cheeks, forehead, and jawline. Next, apply blush to the apples of your cheeks. Finally, finish with a light highlighter on the cheekbones and bridge of your nose. By following these tips, you’ll be able to create a flattering makeup look that will make your square face shape shine.

While square faces tend to be rather strong, they can still look very elegant and feminine with a little work. A good makeup artist knows exactly how to emphasize an already beautiful face – here are some tips for your square face:

Trace the contours of your face using a darker foundation. Opt for cream foundations instead of powder during the daytime to have your makeup lasting longer.

Create the illusion of a longer neck by applying concealer in a triangular shape at the outer corners of your eyes and blending it in well with foundation. Add a highlighter at the upper cheekbones for added effect.

How can I make my square face look thinner?

makeup lookWhen most people think of the perfect face shape, they think of a round face. A round face is seen as being youthful and healthy. However, not everyone is born with a round face. Some people are born with a square face. Square faces are often seen as more masculine and older-looking. If you are unhappy with your square face shape, there are some things that you can do to make it look thinner. We will discuss some tips for making your square face look thinner. Keep reading to learn more.

If you have a square face shape, you will know that it’s hard to wear clothing in the right fit because your neck and jawline are wider than your cheekbones. When choosing cloth, keep in mind what works for your body type. Wear clothes that balance out your neck’s width with the width of your jawline.

The key to balancing any face is drawing attention away from the widest parts. The corners of your eyebrows, temples, and cheekbones are the first places to contour because they’re naturally shadowed areas that draw the eye inwards. Your goal is to keep your eyes moving down or up (depending on your face shape) towards your ears.